Two Members of Cross Timbers Earth First! Shut down a KXL Construction Site


UPDATE: 1:00pm-Bailey and Holly have been bonded out of the Hughes Co. Jail. They are doing just fine all things considering.

UPDATE: 9:16am- Holly and Bailey have been extracted and are now in police custody. Show Holly and Bailey some love by donating to our bail fund.

UPDATE: 8:42am-Holly and Bailey are still locked down, despite dangerous attempts to remove them by the Houghes Co Sheriffs and the Holdenville Fire Department.

UPDATE: 8:30am-A Deputy from the Hughes Co Sheriffs department is full-force swinging a sledgehammer at one of Holly and Bailey’s lockdown devices. This is VERY dangerous. They are also now using a Jack Hammer. Call the Hughes Co Sheriffs and tell them this behavior is unacceptable. Phone Number: (405) 379-2203


UPDATE: 8:03am: The Fire Department is shielding their activities by holding up a tarp to block the view.

Call the Holdenville Fire Department and tell them their job is not to hurt people!

Phone Number: (405) 379-2413

UPDATE: 8:01am-Holdenville, OK Fire Department is on scene and wielding axes.

UPDATE: 7:52am-Two Hughes Co. Sheriffs vehicles have arrived on scene

UPDATE: 7:00am-Work trucks arrive and then leave


Hughes County, OK, May 14th, 7 am

Early this morning Bailey and Holly, both local Oklahomans with Cross Timbers Earth First!,  locked themselves to concrete filled barrels obstructing the use of heavy machinery used in the construction of the KXL pipeline.

Bailey and Holly are part of Cross Timbers Earth First! , a regional chapter of the Earth First! movement, which has been carrying out ecological direct actions for over 30 years.  Cross Timbers Earth First! is a member of Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, a growing coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to stopping the expansion of tar sands infrastructure throughout the Great Plains.

Holly stated “I only learned what Tar Sands are less than a few months ago.  The majority of us in Oklahoma don’t even know this is happening.  If more people knew the genocidal and ecocidal effects of tar sands extraction and the role Keystone XL plays in this cycle  more people would be fighting it.”

“I am one of many people standing in solidarity with others,” explained Bailey.  “My hopes are that my action will support those who are directly suffering as the result of tar sands exploitation and to raise awareness and consciousness surrounding the construction of tar sands infrastructure.

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The Great Plains has long been considered a “sacrifice zone” by the petro-chemical industry but today a staunch resistance is growing in response to the expansion of Tar Sands infrastructure.  Holly and Bailey are part of an ongoing wave of local Oklahomans who have been resisting the KXL by using direct action. Local Oklahomans explain they aren’t just resisting the KXL but the apathy that has existed for too long in the face of these destructive petro-chemical industries. Bailey explained, “ I am blockading tar sands because I am blockading indifference. I am blockading passivity.”

From the growing indigenous resistance that is fomenting against the KXL across the plains to the newly formed Cross Timers Earth First! in Oklahoma, the heartland is now firmly refusing the idea of a  “sacrifice zone.”

Today’s action is a part of a broader struggle happening across so-called North America. New connections and coalitions are being made as the movement for indigenous sovereignty and against extraction gains momentum. From the Idle No More Movement, to the three year long- Unis’tot’en Camp blockade of the Pacific Trails Pipeline, to the newly forming coalition in Utah, determined to stop the first Tar Sands Mines proposed for “The United States”, many are banding together to call for a #Fearless Summer and a #Sovereignty Summer. Both call for coordinated direct actions against industrial extraction and for indigenous sovereignty.

Follow the action here or on our facebook, or twitter @gptsresistance

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  2. You’re very brave. Thanks for being there and doing what needs to be done.

  3. Thank you for what you have done. Keep up the good work and I hope you are rewarded by Mother Earth in a very special way.

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  5. Nice job all, not like you really have a choice. Plunder at this point equals extinction. I would be there if it were a little closer, but there are plenty of fronts to struggle on.

  6. Bailey and Holly demonstrate incredible courage. They should file assault and battery charges against the Hughes County Sheriff and Fire Department for endangering their lives. Too bad our main stream media doesn’t realize that their water is just as much at risk as everyone else’s.

  7. Your work is such an inspiration to student activists like myself working against fracking in Michigan and other shale gas-rich areas. Keep up the good work for the future!

  8. I applaud your actions!

    If I were more ambulatory, I’d be there with you. I’ll have to settle for the Monsanto GMO protest May 25

    I’ll be holding you in the Light!

  9. How stupid can your dumb ass be I guess you don’t drive cars with gas and oil do you oh and the stuff the concrete was in is plastic where does that come from? As far as the sheriff goes he done a great job along with the fire dept. you people look like fools out there and I bet you voted for the low life president we have. Get a life and job so I don’t have to support your stupid lazy ass

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