queer rage

Transgender and gender-variant folks, queer people, and cis-gendered women have been central to the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas and Oklahoma, yet gender oppression is pervasive in our society, and even in so-called “radical” spaces, we regularly find our voices, our work, and ourselves devalued and marginalized.

Those of us who have been involved in the KXL fight out here will be gathering this week for a TWAQ (Trans, Women, and Queers) summit where we will come together to celebrate our resiliency, deepen our relationships with one another, honor our collective pain, participate in trainings, and strategize for the fight ahead. It will also be a space where we can focus on naming and working toward dismantling other systems of oppression present in our group such as white supremacy, classism, and ableism.

At the TWAQ summit we will also be discussing the possiblity of creating a new group fighting tar sands transportation centered around transgendered, gender-variant, queer, and cis-female identified people. We are excited about this proposect, and encourage anyone who may be interested in such an endeavor to contact us.

Also, during our retreat, our less-gender-oppressed cis-male comrades in the KXL fight will be gathering together in a separate location to discuss their complicity in the patriarchal dynamics in our organizations, and to strategize concrete ways to better work toward allyship. We support our brothers in this endeavor, while recognizing that combating oppression is a daily practice, and a gathering on its own cannot substantially change dynamics without constant daily support and accountability.

We are asking for donations for transportation for participants and food and supplies at our summit. We are estimating a $600 cost for our summit, and any money above that level will be put toward kickstarting a new TWAQ group.DONATE HERE!Thanks so much for your support!

Queer rage forever, KXL never!

Sylvia (the avenging fairy of death),
Sabretooth (the roar of the lion),
& Skip (the little pain in your hip)

P.S. We are unicorns. (Flying Unicorns Trampling
Corporations!) Be advised.