Stefan Warner, life-long resident of “Oklahoma” facing potential “terrorism hoax” charges, releases statement.

Stefan Warner, one of the activists facing up to ten years in prison for the banner drop.

Stefan Warner, one of the activists facing up to ten years in prison for the banner drop.

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Do you remember where you were April 19th, 1995? I was seven years old, in first grade at Clara Reynolds Elementary School in Harrah, Oklahoma. I still remember coming home from school and seeing the devastation on the television. For those of us in the Oklahoma City metro who lived here in 1995, we still carry the memory of the chaos and panic of this country’s largest domestic terror attack with us. Growing up, I visited the memorial of the Murrah Building bombing on several occasions. Seeing the faces of the people whose lives were lost, I learned how violence impacts people and communities. Four years ago a man whose daughter died in the Murrah Building bombing spoke at my church about his loss and personal transformation. To say the least, a sense of empathy was ingrained in me. Through my faith, I became committed to non-violent, peaceful resistance.

Eighteen years later, I’m facing the possibility of “terrorism hoax” charges which carries a maximum of ten years in prison. After witnessing real terrorism as a child in Oklahoma and through my commitment to Christian pacifism, I understand the seriousness of violence. I would never use violence or the threat of violence as a form of protest. My intention on December 13th, , in the tradition of Rev. Martin Luther King Junior, was to “arouse the conscience” of a state that refuses to provide storm shelters for children at public schools yet has the gall to pay out $645,000,000 in tax subsidies to the oil and gas industry the past three fiscal years. I helped attach a banner to the second story railing of the open-to-the-public atrium in the Devon Energy Tower. If you see the pictures, a small amount of glitter fell to the floor as employees walked by, unalarmed. We explained to employees this event was a non-violent, peaceful protest, and I left the building when told to by security, since I was hoping to avoid being arrested for trespassing. I left the building, and looked for my friends. Hoping to make a statement that usually goes unheard; we placed a banner inside the largest symbol of corporate welfare in Oklahoma. I had no intention of scaring anyone, nor do I believe I truly did.

Stefan complying and being placed into a police car.

Stefan being arrested by Oklahoma City Police.

TransCanada, the Canadian corporation that John Richels (CEO of Devon) sits on the board of, has been educating law enforcement along the route of the Keystone XL pipeline in how to pursue “terrorist” felony charges against people who engage in non-violent, peaceful protest. Obviously I am concerned about my freedom, but this is not only about me. This is a disgraceful, obvious attempt to dissuade the public from letting our voices be heard. This is an attack on our constitutionally protected, first amendment rights. How is it possible that a Canadian corporation can come here, attempt to silence me, and tell us what terrorism is?

Activism, disagreement, and exercising freedom of speech in peaceful and non-violent ways are simply not forms of terrorism.

Stefan Warner

7 thoughts on “Stefan Warner, life-long resident of “Oklahoma” facing potential “terrorism hoax” charges, releases statement.

  1. Thank you Stefen for a Barry clear and precise statement. You have prayers and support. Fracking is very bad but what is sadder is the means some individuals and corporations will stoup to to get what they want. This alone convinces me that you are on a spiritual path to truth. God bless you and Moriah!

  2. Thank you for your statement Stefan. In Syracuse ny activists are facing similar charges for protesting drones outside of an air force base. This is as you said an intentional effort to use terrorism as a way of suppressing freedom of speech. Keep fighting and I hope you are reaching out to the ACLU. Good luck. I’m with you

  3. Stefan! Been ages since I’ve seen you! I couldn’t agree more. We as Americans have the right to peacefully protest. Praying for you! (And your parents lol)

  4. Stefan, this is just crazy, sad, and so un-American to have you all up for charges. It is really scary. People that are not involved in protesting in America don’t know how dangerous it is. My thoughts and prayers are with you and if it takes the Supreme Court I am sure you all will be okay. I am saddened that this has been happening in our country. We got a hint of it when we protested The Iraq War. I hope you can write a book about this someday and alert the public.

  5. ___”… educating law enforcement” ???
    NO! This is NOT education, it is propoganda designed to cloud and obscure the law in regard to the proper determination of what constitues “terrorism.”
    See article: Freedom of Information Request Reveals FBI ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Training Material on Activists
    by Will Potter
    ___”The FBI creates terrorism threats by directly training agents to believe they exist.”

  6. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire
    As your predicament clearly shouts out, free speech is dead in the USA. Anyone fighting the giant corporations that are destroying freedom and this planet has my support and love.

  7. Thank you, Stefan and Moriah. Please know that many, many of us appreciate your courage. Your actions spoke for the concerns that more and more people are feeling about the disregard powerful corporations are allowed to show for the welfare of the people and the land, air, water, and climate that we all need to live. The reaction of the corporation and its backers in high places shows us just how concerned we should be.

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