Climate change for dummies

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Mention the phrase “climate change” and most people glaze over. Over the last 10 years, nothing has been more highly debated than the topic of climate change. Climate change gets so much airtime that we are almost numb to the real issue.

1- The earth is getting warmer

There’s no doubt that weather patterns are affecting the earth. Even the staunchest climate deniers would find it difficult to argue that the climate is not warming. It’s getting hotter out there. Some might believe they are cyclic, but the majority of scientists agree that climate change is real.

2- Carbon dioxide warms the planet and is caused by human beings

Climate change exists and is influenced by manmade activity but many other factors also influence global temperatures, such as volcanic eruptions. Solar cycle variations and Earth’s orbit also alter the amount of sunlight reaching the planet.

3- Our carbon emissions are causing global warming

Through analysis of isotopes, scientists conclude that the extra carbon in the atmosphere comes from burning fossil fuels. 9 out of 10 scientists agree. The growth in modcons such as toilets, cars and other things humans use has greatly impacted our environment.

4- The Arctic ice is melting

The ocean could rise by 3 feet by 2100. This is alarming. In April 2018, Arctic sea ice has been recorded as the lowest April sea ice in history. Sea ice in the Bering Sea is the lowest recorded since at least 1979.

5- The weather is causing issues to the environment

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