BREAKING: Earth First! activists lock down inside Devon Tower in protest of Tar Sands extraction and plans to frack the Eagle Ford Shale.

bannerTwo folks have been booked in with “Terrorism Hoax” State Felonies, which can carry a ten year sentence. The “terrorism hoax?” Glitter that fell from the banner. They’ve also been booked in additional misdemeanors. The two folks who locked down are being charged with two counts of trespass. We’re working on getting the $3,500 together to get them out. Please donate at

BREAKING: Earth First! activists lock down inside Devon Tower in protest of Tar Sands extraction and plans to frack the Eagle Ford Shale.

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Oklahoma City, OK: Early Friday morning, two activists with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance (GPTSR) and Cross Timbers Earth First! locked themselves inside a revolving door at the Devon Tower in protest of Devon’s involvement in toxic tar sands extraction and fracking, as well as plans to increase fracking in the Eagle Ford Shale. Simultaneously, a banner displaying a Mockingjay from the popular Hunger Games series was unfurled from the second story, reading: “The Odds are Never in Our Favor.” Imagery from the Hunger Games was employed to highlight the parallel between industrial sacrifice zones in real life, and the resource colonies (Districts) that are subjected to state and economic violence in the series. This action coincides with two days of trial for folks in the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society who were arrested while preventing natural gas exploration on their traditional lands.

In 2010, Devon Energy’s Jackfish 1 facility on Beaver Lake Cree First Nations territory in Alberata, Canada experienced a failure at one of the wellheads. The failure sent a plume of bitumen-laced, high-temperature steam into the air for nearly 36 hours. Long seen as a responsible and benevolent corporate community member, Devon Energy is a key player in the deadly tar sands industry. And though Devon Energy has been touted as practicing the safest and greenest form of tar sands extraction, the form of extraction that Devon practices, steam assisted gravity drainage, emits 2.5x the greenhouse emissions as open mining according to the Pembina Institute. Additionally, since 80% of tar sands reserves lie too deep within the earth to mine, this type of extraction will utilize 30x more land area than open mining.

“I’m opposed to the industry’s blatant disregard for human wellbeing in the pursuit of profit,” said Cory Mathis of Austin, TX—one of the activists locked down inside Devon. “These industries poison countless communities, often deceive and coerce folks into signing contracts, and when that doesn’t work, they use eminent domain to steal the land. Texas and Oklahoma have long been considered sacrifice zones for the oil and gas industry, and people have for the most part learned to roll over and accept the sicknesses and health issues that come with the temporary and unsustainable boost in employment.”



Folks locked down, facing two counts of trespass.

Folks locked down, facing two counts of trespass.

“I’m here to try to bring to light the damage being done by tar sands extraction and fracking. These companies have been deliberately hiding and suppressing information from the general public, all-the-while building their public image of being charitable and creating jobs. It’s the same story all the way from the Athabasca tar sands to the Gulf—we hear the ridiculous proposition that a company that routinely profits off of poisoning folks is somehow capable of being ‘philanthropic’,” said Caroline McNally, the other activist locked down.

CEO Jim Richels also sits on the board of TransCanada, the company who built the Gulf Coast Segment of the toxic Keystone XL, and whose Northern Segment is awaiting presidential approval.

Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, a direct action collective, opposes all forms of Tar Sands exploitation, whether it be Trans Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline, Enbridge’s Flanagan South and Seaway Piplelines, or Devon’s extraction of diluted bitumen on the sovereign Beaver Lake Cree Nation’s territory. Cross Timbers Earth First! is a radical environmental justice group committed  to putting an end to any form of industrial extraction in the Cross Timbers bioregion, with a particular distaste for the widespread fracking that is poisoning communities and watersheds.

One of two activists facing Federal "Terrorism Hoax," two counts of trespass, and one count of disorderly conduct.

One of two activists facing  “Terrorism Hoax,” State Felonies. Also facing a disorderly conduct charge.

UPDATE 2:00pm: Folks arrested for allegedly dropping the banners banner drop are facing charges of federal “terrorism hoax,” two counts of trespass, and one count of disorderly conduct–the “terrorism hoax” referring to glitter that fell from the banner. The two folks who locked down are facing two counts of trespass each.
Update 11:45: Six folks have been released from police custody. Four still in custody, with folks who locked down somewhere upstairs in the Devon Tower.
UPDATE 11:07: Both folks who locked down have been extracted, placed into wheelchairs, and wheeled into elevators to go “upstairs” in the Devon Tower. We have no clue why.
UPDATE 10:50: One person has been extracted from the lockdown, under arrest.

UPDATE 10:40: 8 Folks on site have been arrested and put in cop cars, whole street blocked off with cop cars, firetrucks, and a HazMat vehicle

18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Earth First! activists lock down inside Devon Tower in protest of Tar Sands extraction and plans to frack the Eagle Ford Shale.

  1. You people are ignorant. Do honestly you think your little “protest” made any impact on Devon’s radar? Hell no it didn’t. You obviously don’t know jack shit about how a well is drilled, stimulated, or produced. Go on and have your picket line and raise some money for your friends that are in jail, but don’t think you won. No don’t do that, because you didn’t. You will never win when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

    • So does the fact that the health and lives of people living in communities poisoned by your holy oil and gas industry make any sense to you? This isn’t a competition between the people and corporations you dolt. Nobody “wins” if the oil and gas industry continues to desolate our land. If things go in the oil and gas industry’s favor, there will be no more land and resources left to profit off of and no money can repair that. We are defending the land. If you hate the land so much, move off the planet.

    • We will win, and you will be sorry that you were on the wrong side of the issue. Educate yourself and stop being such a greedy, hateful, oilfield scum.

    • Oilfield Madia you are a fool. Clearly you don’t understand that you should never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed citizens to change the world (eg original Tea Party, moron).
      These people are right to do this, I just wish I had a good streak of violence as profound as the oil and gas industry. We have no right to these repositories of ancient sunlight. They are toxic as hell (I’m a biochemist and if you think this stuff is so great I suggest you pour diesel over yourself and sit in your clothes for a day –you may or may not survive it, and it’s cleaner than the crude and certainly tar sands stuff). We WILL shut this industry down. The question is if Mother Earch will do us in first.

    • The idiot would be the person who puts their attention to themselves, now and with greed. We can tell where you sit. Eventually, innocent people suffer for your benefits. Do you know the percentages and risks involved?! I do.

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  3. Based on the pictures in this article and on the local news channels, I don’t see any horses, so I assume the protesters must have walked in. Also, I see lots of plastic and vinyl products (glasses frames, jackets, plastic sheets, etc.); I’ll bet most of the protestors also drank milk, orange juice or water out of plastic jugs and bottles today, too. How ironic that hydrocarbon products would be utilized to protest hydrocarbons. Sheer genius!!!!

  4. Way to go! Thanks for putting your bodies on the line for what you believe in and for standing up to these corporations and earth terrorists. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing attention to the issue. We don’t need dirty tar sands!

  5. The oil and gas industry has been around for well over 100 years, so no, I don’t think it will fail me in this life time. And as far as me educating myself, I’m a third generation oilfield worker, have a degree in petroleum engineering, and currently employed as a well site leader for frac and completion jobs, so there isn’t any more need to educate myself. I understand things just fine, thank you. Like I said yesterday, learn a little more about what you’re trying to protest about from a source other than liberal tree hugging hippies, then you can hold an intelligent conversation about the oil and gas industry to me.

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  8. Hell yes! This is what I like to see. Causing a little bit of trouble for the man. Perfect timing too because I just saw the second Hunger Games last night. Sending all my love and support to the folks involved. We got your back here in Michigan 😀

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