Support the Seminole County TEN!!!

1045086_144917745712335_991747794_nOn June 24th, 2013, 8 people walked on to an active Transcanada pump station construction site and shut it down. In a show of force and fearlessness, these folks locked themselves to machines and offices, in by far GPTSR’s largest action. Throughout the action the police and firefighters took extreme actions try to physically and psychologically get them to unlock, even going as far as to use the jaws of life on one of the lock boxes, cutting one of the activist’s hand!

A total of ten arrests, dozens of pissed off Transcanda employees, cops and volunteer firefighters. One very very shut down work site. Direct action gets the goods!

The arrestees are facing Criminal trespass and Obstructing a Police officer charges, their bonds were 1,500$ each. They are now facing nearly 1000$ dollar fees for court and fines on top of a potential threat of up to a year in jail if they do not take plea deals.

You helped us get them out of jail, now we’re asking for help to keep them out. These people took great risks to themselves to stop the construction work in July, but their battle is not over yet!
They are fighting for clean air, clean water and an end to Tar Sands exploitation!

No prisoners for civil disobedience!
Donate what you can, anything helps!
If you can’t fight, show those who can that you stand with them!

You can donate at here

Link to the Wepay page here

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